This year was the first in a while that I’ve had the chance to actually make myself a Halloween costume. Usually I just focus on the kids and make sure they are all set with the things they need me to make to complete their outfits. Since they all chose pretty basic and/or pre-made costumes (a werewolf that took me 5 minutes, and store bought Batman and IronMan), I took the opportunity to put together a fun costume with some crochet elements, some upcycling, and some fun finds from my drawers of stuff I save for just such an occasion. I challenged myself to use as much as I could out of things I already had, and for anything I couldn’t make or repurpose, I gave myself a budget of $10.


To start, I made myself a top hat using the Halloween Top Hat pattern on the Red Heart website. Its a free pattern and very easy to follow. I modified it slightly, bringing the diameter of the hat down one extra decrease so my hat would have a more dramatic shape to it, and just added an extra increase towards the bottom so it would still fit on my head. I was considering making it in the pumpkin orange they show in the pattern, but I ended up going with black for two reasons: I decided to go a little more spooky with my costume, and I thought this hat would make a great base to dress up to add a whimsical flair to any occasion. I did not attach the band to the hat so that I could change it out easily.

For my wrap, I bought a ‘spooky cloth’ from the dollar store, that would usually be used for decorating, but was the perfect size to use as a shawl. I found some great feather yarn in my stash in browns and oranges and lined the entire bottom in DC, then added a few fringes here and there across the middle.
Since my dress had no pockets, I made one out of some leftover t-shirt fabric I had from making trick or treat bags for my boys. I used the same technique for my pocket that i did for their loot bags. I cut the edge into 3 inch strips, then double knotted the opposite sides to make a seam. once that was done, I attached the skull applique I made (tutorial can be found here) and attached it to a chain link belt made of bits of old broken necklaces and strings of beads. I finished things off with some makeup, yarn deadlocks, a pair of fishnets and voila…an amazing Voodoo Priestess costume and all for under $10! I bought the wrap material ($1.25), Fishnets ($2.00), Necklace ($2.00) and feathers ($2.50). Everything else was something I pulled from my craft room, or repurposed. So even after taxes, I still came out almost $2.00 under budget!






And here it is, the completed ensemble! Spooky, sassy, and so much fun to put together! If you’re a little bit crafty (and keep all kinds of materials handy “just in case”) it’s pretty easy to come up with a great costume on a shoestring budget.

Did you make your own costume this year? What elements did you incorporate to bring your vision to life? Share in the comments or my FB page, I’d love to see your homemade costumes!!

Happy Crafting (and Trick or Treating)!