Happy Halloween!!

I absolutely love this time of year. From Thanksgiving (in October here in Canada) right through until the New Year, I get to decorate, dress up and get inspired to make some really cool things.

This year, I wanted a witch costume, but I didn’t want the typical witch’s hat and broom kind of look. I was inspired by the Skull and Horns Mask pattern by Crochetverse (available for purchase here) and made a few small modifications to get the look I wanted.

I made the entire hat as per the pattern, so that I can use it as a mask in future if I choose to. I then folded the back part of the hat up inside so that it fit on top of my head instead of over my eyes, giving it the look that I am wearing a skull on my head. I finished shaping the bottom of the nose and made some teeth with puff stitches and shaded in between them to define them and add depth. I used felt to cover the eye and nose holes, just tacking it on with a bit of hot glue.

When trying to plan horn placement for wearing this as a hat instead of a mask, I attached the horns a bit further back on the head than I had planned, so I had a bit of trouble with it slipping backwards, so next time I would definitely move them forward a couple of inches. Otherwise the whole thing turned out quite well, and was a hit at our local Witches’ Walk!

I also used my crochet skills to make some spiderwebs in our front garden, which was so much fun! I took a cheap ball of scratchy cream coloured yarn that I don’t really like and started by winding it around the lights, posts, and all the crazy huge plants in my garden. once I had a good base, I added in a few single strands here and there in opposite directions to make the spokes I needed to start my web. from there I took my 15 mm hook and made a loose slip stitch spiral, attaching at each spoke as I went along. I kept the tension between spokes just enough that it wouldn’t sag, but not so tight that it couldn’t move around a bit in the wind.

So far it has weathered a few heavy rains and some windy days, so I’s convinced I would make a pretty decent spider. My kids absolutely love it, so I may extend it further next year and make it a bit more elaborate. I absolutely loved putting together a large scale outdoor crochet piece, as simple as it was this time around, that I can’t wait to do it again! I am already trying to come up with a good Christmas themed idea that I can crochet across my porch and front garden for the winter!


Did you crochet part (or all) of your Halloween costume or decorations? I’d love to hear about it!

Until next time, Happy Crafting!!